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Special Accommodations


Applicants requesting special testing accommodations on the Alabama Bar Examination must indicate the request during the Bar Exam registration. In addition, the applicant must follow the steps below to submit an appropriate request for special testing accommodations. Note: Any specific accommodation or request not included below may be made and will be considered by the Alabama State Bar on a case by case basis.


Step 1: Read General Instructions for Requesting Test Accommodations


Step 2: Complete Form 1: Applicant Request for Test Accommodations

  • Must be completed by all applicants requesting accommodations, regardless of the type of disability and type of accommodation requested.
  • All applicants requesting accommodations must complete a separate Form 1 for each bar exam in which accommodations are requested.
  • Re-applicants who have previously submitted a request for accommodations should review the section titled “RE-APPLICANTS” in the General Instructions for Requesting Test Accommodations.
  • Complete Section V. Applicant Checklist to ensure that all information and supporting documentation are being included with your accommodations request.


Step 3: As applicable to your accommodations request, complete the top portion of the forms below and request that your physician or other professional licensed to diagnose and treat your disability complete the rest of the form and return it to you for submission to the Admissions Office.

               Form 2: Learning Disability Verification

               Form 3: Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) Verification

               Form 4: Psychological Disability Verification

               Form 5: Visual Disability Verification

               Form 6: Physical Disability Verification


Step 4: Complete the top portion of Form 7: Certification of Accommodations History and request that the official responsibility for authorizing test accommodations at educational institution or testing agency form which you requested accommodations complete the rest of the form and return it to you for submission to the Admissions Office.  You are required to submit this form if accommodations were requested, whether they were granted or denied.


Special Accommodation Request Deadlines


Exam AdministrationSpecial Accommodations Request Deadline
February November 1
JulyApril 1

Note: Information provided in a request for accommodations will be reviewed by a physician or licensed professional retained by the Board of Bar Examiners to assist in determining reasonable testing accommodations. The Board of Bar Examiners or a designated committee will make the final decision to grant, deny, or modify a request for testing accommodations.