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Law Student Registration Requirement & Fees

Registration Requirement

Rule I of the Rules Governing Admission to the Alabama State Bar requires every person seeking to apply for admission to the Alabama State Bar to register as a law student with the Alabama State Bar.

The rule further requires the law student registration to be submitted within the first 60 days after the applicant commences law school. If submitted within the first 60 days of law school, there is no fee for registration as a law student.

Late Registration and Non-Registration Fees

If the registration is submitted after the first 60 days or not submitted prior to an application for admission, a progressive penalty fee attaches.

Registration submitted on days 61 – 180          $50.00

Registration submitted on days 181 – 390       $100.00

Registration submitted after day 390              $250.00

The maximum fee is $250, which is the amount paid for registrations submitted after the 390th day since commencing law school and by applicants for admission who have never registered with the Alabama State Bar as a law student.

The law student non-registration fee attaches regardless of where the applicant attended law school, when the applicant enrolled in and/or graduated from law school, and what the applicant’s intentions were at the time of enrolling in, attending, and/or graduating law school.

Determining the Law School Start Date

Law student registrants must have the law school dean or certifying official complete the Dean’s Certification Form, which certifies the day in which classes began during the registrant’s first year of law school. This date will be entered on the law student registration application and, at the time of submission, the fee, if any, will be calculated.